Like any other consultant, I made it a point to evaluate the company carefully and these are some of the things that helped me succeed and achieve my goal:
– Their training program – Very relevant, practical, easy to understand and no doubt, extremely comprehensive.
– An excellent and very resourceful marketing and training team that is very approachable and helpful.
– Excellent interview preparations – This is the best part and my favorite aspect about Canvas IT Solutions. These interview preps open your mind to a plethora of information and in the end you are only bound to come out rich with knowledge!



Thank you so much Alok! I couldn’t have done a better job of enhancing my IT career without your help. I am very happy working with Canvas IT Solutions!



Yes, it is an honor and pleasure to be working forCanvas IT Solutions! Just being associated with Alma makes me want to give it my 110 percent; I want to aim to be a ‘good BA’ so that I at least become a ‘good enough BA’ soon. It was Alok andCanvas IT Solutions Infotech that helped me give shape to a dream. And even if I tried to thank you guys all my life, I wont be done.



Thaaaaaaaank you Alok!!
To be true, it was your magic, attitude and faith in me that has made me realize my dreams of making IT consulting a career for life!
Love you for relentlessly motivating me and pushing me. Super duper thanks to all! Love you guys!!




230 thoughts on “Testimonials

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